Seiwa Inc.

Environmental Activity

A large quantity of plastics consumption resulted in one big issue of how we can keep in touch with its waste in the future. One of proper solutions for the issue is supposed to be 3R activity that reduces plastic disposal problems, reuses in a production of finished goods in same/similar function, and recycles in that of completely new finished goods. At the same time, the activity also saves energy, and conserves limited natural resources.

Environmental Business Activity
Seiwa Inc., as a SME specializing in international trade, challenge ourselves to participate in the reuse and recycle activities within the material plastics field at our best effort.

Treatment toward recycled plastics
Depending on usage of the first life, recycling plastics has unlimited conditions. Under the circumstances, Seiwa do our best to collect raw materials details as precise as we can,  and inform our partner's factories/traders of them. We believe that it is one of the significant factors to handle recycled plastics raw materials.

Better communication, Greater result. Seiwa believe that communication is one of the most powerful tools to complete reusing/recycling activity. In the context, Seiwa would like to hear any matter/inquiry from supplier/buyer, and vice versa. The tool can be an underlying power in a continuous activity.

Logistics management
Seiwa try to reduce CO2 emission with intention of getting logistics efficient e.g. loadability of container and pickup.

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